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On Zegama Beach - Episode 9


It’s been a long time coming, but the true sequel to episode 8 is here. Episode 9 takes us on a journey to the far reaches of our mind, body and soul. Experience a bunch of dudes talking about stuff to do with movies, games and all things geeky like youve never experienced before!

On Zegama Beach - Episode 8


Fast approaching Warp Speed the guys bring the latest in all but Avengers news. On the brink of seeing the Avengers and the highest anticipation for a movie this year episode 8 is here, and soon, very soon, the video review!

On Zegama Beach - Episode 7


Your patience has been answered and sure worth the wait. Twice as long as usual, Episode 7 is here. Special guest James of the Kleehammer clan joins Lucas and Rob to talk all things movies, games, comics and anything else that comes to mind.

On Zegama Beach - Episode 6


No Tricks in episode 6. Just the guys chatting about all things cool and new. @OZBPodcast

On Zegama Beach - Episode 5


The guys take to the mic, unplanned and unfazed. Latest news, or lack there of, in Movies, Games and the world of Comics. Your two favorite podcast hosts Rob and Lucas spill the beans on the best iPad game to date and read some tweets by a fake man….
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Episode 4 - Summary

Coming soon…..maybe.

On Zegama Beach - Episode 4


Back from the past, Rob and Lucas take us through the latest news about movies, games and especially their thoughts on comics. Please sit back, put your seat belt on and hope for dear god that you make it past 80mph.
Thanks for listening, Lucas Wittingslow and Rob Taylor.

Episode 3 - Summary

Coming Soon

On Zegama Beach - Episode 3


The boys are back this week with special guest Adam Koster. This week stretches the realm of possibilities with an even longer episode talking about movies, games, comics and zombies once again. Tune in, listen, tweet @OZBPodcast, email theguys@zegamabeach.com and let us know your thoughts.

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Lucas and Rob
Recorded live from the Outer Rings

Episode 2 - Summary